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Schedule Your Free AxiomHQ/eBanking Consultation

Discover the ease and efficiency of automatic vendor payment processing right from your ERP system.


Eliminate the need for mailed printed checks or manually entering payment information into your bank website. With AxiomHQ/eBanking, all payment data is transmitted to your banks and financial institutions in real time. Streamline vendor payments with an automated, digitized payment processing system—directly from AxiomHQ.


AXIOM-BANKING-croppedAxiomHQ/eBanking currently supports the electronic transmission of the following payment data types to your banks:

  • Check
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Commercial Card


We’d love to talk to you about how AxiomHQ/eBanking can improve your payment processes.


Your free consultation is the first step in building a truly integrated ERP platform.

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