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Schedule Your Free AxiomHQ/SiliconExpert Consultation

Keep all of your product information up-to-date automatically—and in real time—in SiliconExpert's electronic component database with AxiomHQ/SiliconExpert.


With over 1 billion semiconductors, passives, and electromechanical components listed in SiliconExpert's part database, keeping your product listings updated can be challenging—until now.

Our exclusive integration with SiliconExpert's API allows you to keep your item descriptions, datasheets, images, parametric data, taxonomy,  pricing, and more updated on demand from AxiomHQ.


  • SiliconExpert-croppedAutomatically keep product information up-to-date in SiliconExpert's parts inventory
  • Avoid inaccurate or outdated product listings in an industry-leading database
  • Save time and minimize errors by eliminating manual data entry
  • Establish a reputation for quality and reliability with buyers on SiliconExpert


We’d love to talk to you about how AxiomHQ/SiliconExpert can keep your data updated in real time.


Your free consultation is the first step in building a truly integrated ERP platform.

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